Why we do it

Piel de Rueda - Recycled Wheels

Piel de Rueda is a project of change: we transform old tires into bags and accessories that are projected into a more sustainable future.
We want to have an impact and make a difference by decreasing the amount of waste and changing the way we look at it: for us old tires are not waste but resources, new forms of possibilities.

We have chosen to upcycle tires because we appreciate the characteristics of this material, which is resistant, waterproof, soft to the touch and has a unique design (just look at the designs imprinted on the inner tubes and the grips of the tire treads and you’ll understand). It won’t be a small puncture on a tyre that makes us think of it as a throw-away item.

In addition, we have a great passion for challenges: we don’t like to give up easily and the reuse of tires each time requires readjustment of our skills because each tire, being different in structure and composition, must be worked in a different way.

We recycle wheels because, as “pirate” craftsmen, we have always been linked to the journey: for us every kilometer traveled and place visited are experience, life, memories… and the wheels as a mean of transport carry with them, in every sign of wear, all this incredible history.

We love to imagine all this, who knows what places this tire has traveled and which ones it will still visit

As for us, we wish you other 100.000 km of travel together with your unique Piel de Rueda piece.