Who we are

Piel de Rueda - Recycled Wheels

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet us in person around Italy, this is the right place to get to know us better. Nice to meet you: we are Giulia and Raul, artisans and creators of the project Piel de Rueda – Recycled Wheels.

We are passionate about self-production in all its facets so as to define ourselves serial upcyclers: the recycling of tires is actually only a small part of what we recover and create every day. We just can’t resist abandoned objects or materials, our instinct is always to pick them up and give them a new life and functionality. The Piel de Rueda project was born almost 10 years ago and became official in 2014 with its distinctive name.

Piel de Rueda, literally translated from Spanish, means ‘wheel skin’ and was born ironically when at the beginning we were explaining the unusual origin of the material of our creations, often mistaken for leather of animal origin.
We chose the name of the project in Spanish, both because we love the sound of it and because we are both very attached to Spain.

The idea of dedicating ourselves for work to the recycling of tires was probably possible also thanks to our very different backgrounds.

Raul, born and raised near Barcelona in Spain, since he was a boy has always done manual precision work that, combined with his creative and artistic spirit, have been transformed into a real life project here in Italy.

Searching the web for FABRIKE RECIKLED it is still possible to discover some of his artistic works made with motherboards of old computers.

Giulia, originally from Genoa, has lived in various parts of the globe dedicating herself to the study of psychology and the search for a personal imprint in the world.

Knowing Raul has been the stimulus to put into practice that desire to act proactively towards the planet, building together the project Piel de Rueda, born with light-heartedness but with all the seriousness that accompanies the environmental need that underlies it.

Upcycled inner tube irregular bag mini