What we do

In 2014 we made, a little for fun and a little as a challenge, our first creations with upcycled tires and inner tubes.

Since then we have always aimed to evolve and improve, experimenting and introducing when possible new materials and tools to help us perfect ourselves.

Although with different skills, we share the fact that we are both self-taught in terms of sewing experience: we grew up slowly, we started sewing by hand with needle and waxed thread, and research and experience have been our true teachers.

We live in Lunigiana in Tuscany, in a beautiful place surrounded by nature and our laboratory is inside our house. Here we make unisex bags and accessories with upcycled tires, all exclusively vegan, eco friendly and cruelty free. We recycle bicycle tires as well as truck and tractor inner tubes, as well as other recycled materials that we think are interesting for our creations.

Each bag, belt or accessory that comes from our hands is a unique piece, as each tire or inner tube has a different origin and level of wear. This, combined with the craftsmanship, makes it unique with its own story.

Our goal is to create accessories that are original, useful and above all durable: we want to minimize the impact on the environment by creating accessories that are projected into a more sustainable future.

Our aspiration is to leave the planet, which generously hosts us, better than we found it, with the hope of encouraging those who follow us to implement every day small or large sustainable actions.