How we make it

Piel de Rueda - Recycled Wheels

Our production is 100% handmade with upcycled and recovered material at km0 in Lunigiana. We personally take care of all the phases of the creation process of each of our accessories, from recovering the material to the upcycling to the sale as a transformed and finished product.

The steps of the entire process are many and some are physically hard, each phase requires special attention but it is the satisfaction of the result that motivates us to continue our project.

Discover the various stage of our craftsmanship

COLLECTION: we already make a first selection because experience has taught us that not all tires are suitable for the purpose.

SELECTION, WASHING: we separate the material by size and thickness and carry out a first washing, to check if the inner tube or tire is suitable for the processing to which we have intended.

CUTTING AND CLEANING: after cutting, we proceed with the second phase of cleaning more specific and thorough.

CREATION OF THE MODEL and SEWING MACHINE: created the model, we cut all the necessary parts and sew them with sewing machine for leather goods.

LAST INSPECTION AND FINAL POLISHING: after a subsequent inspection, we polish the finished product by hand to moisturize and revive the rubber making it more durable over time.

Every waste is precious and can find its utility until it becomes zero waste: we recover the material left over from the various cuts to create smaller accessories such as bracelets, key chains and earrings.

We like to think that the only impact we want to have in the world is exclusively in the hearts of those who follow us.

Piel de Rueda - Recycled Wheels