As maybe we all already know, the inner tube and the tire of any wheel are very resistant objects, designed and made with materials that have to last several years under a considerable strain and weight.

We know that many of you are interested in learning more about these materials, some out of curiosity and others to be able to take the best care of your accessory and keep it durable over time.

Here below we will reveal all their secrets.

Tires, in addition to being made of resistant materials, also have the characteristic of being completely waterproof, so they protect from rain and any liquid stains.

We can therefore say that it is difficult to get them permanently dirty .
If your inner tube or tire accidentally gets dirty, just use a wet rag (with possibly a little ‘detergent) and rub gently over the affected part, rinse until clean. More or less the same simple and fast procedure used to clean a tablecloth or a plastic surface.

What we think it is important to advise, based on our experience, is to keep your accessory moisturized periodically, especially in the hot summer season, so that the rubber maintains its natural elasticity and does not dry out due to high temperatures, given for example, by direct and prolonged contact with the hot summer sun. Yes, even tires suffer 😉
Without worrying unnecessarily, leaving your bag in the sun for many hours will not cause it to crack or melt, as many naively think!
It may only happen that it will lighten slightly, tending slightly to white.

The simple procedure to make it look like new is to moisturize it using specific products for tires or more simply some oil or a simple body cream, perhaps recycling something expired, to dispose of it without polluting.

Try it and you will be speechless like us the first time!

If, on the other hand, you have a very sensitive sense of smell and you remember the tire shop every time you put your nose close to your new accessory, know that you can perfume your tire by spraying a little perfume, essential oil or your favourite perfumed cream on it, always spreading it until it is completely absorbed. Be careful not to overdo it… otherwise those close to you will think they are in a perfumery 😉
Finally, last but not least, our advice for those who are used to for work or for habit, is not to carry sharp objects such as scissors and knives (or similar things) without a special case inside your inner tube bag: the only thing that tires do not like is to be punctured.

And if it should happen, repair it as soon as possible, from 99% experience it is always repairable if treated in time.

Hoping to have helped you solve any doubts you may have when approaching a new material such as tubes and tires, we remind you that you can always contact us for further questions and curiosity.

Remember that your accessory made with recycled tire before we met you was a wheel and if it didn’t happen to her on miles and miles of road, it won’t happen to you either ☺

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