Piel de Rueda – Recycled Wheels

Sustainable Fashion in respect of Nature

Piel de Rueda - Recycled Wheels


Welcome to PIEL DE RUEDA our eco sustainable fashion brand

Find out how we turn old tires into unique bags and accessories and join our upcycler community!

Giulia & Raul


Piel de Rueda is a project of change: we transform old tires into bags and accessories that project themselves into a more sustainable future.

We recycle because we want to make a difference: reduce the number of waste by changing the way we see it as such. For us, tires and perforated inner tubes are not waste but resources, new forms of possibilities

Making an up cycled inner tube round backpack

Sustainable fashion with respect for nature


Each bag and accessory Piel de Rueda is

  • Vegan and handmade, or rather 4 hands, in Italy.
  • Waterproof, resistant and easily washable by hand.
  • Unique, each with details imprinted on its history.
  • Sustainable, because it does not increase the number of waste but it decreases it.
  • 0 km with minimum environmental impact, as we only recover waste materials in our vicinity.
  • Limited edition because we adapt our creativity according to the type of material recovered.
Up cycled tire neo tolfa bag